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Michael Moore

Michael Moore


About Us

    Michael has a pragmatic approach to Agile implementation; he enjoys helping small and large organizations, in various industries, focus on correct principles in order to transition successfully.

   He has over 15 years of experience providing Product and Project Management, Business Analysis, and Agile coaching on small to enterprise level projects in web and software environments, as well as focused experience on process improvement and organizational communication. He has experience in several industries including healthcare, education, news & media and finance and has implemented Agile in non-software organizations in the food & beverage and sports industries.

    Having been a business owner several times as well as having held positions of leadership in both small businesses and Fortune 100 corporations, Michael has the experience to affect change at every level. Michael enjoys working with teams and their leadership; by correlating business fundamentals and Agile principles, he helps both groups to see and utilize the other’s value without compromising their individual goals.

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